Carpal Tunnel Release Top 3 Risks

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carpal tunnel releaseIf you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and considering having carpal tunnel surgery, aka carpal tunnel release, there are some risks that you really should be aware of.  Most people only choose surgery as a last resort but even still you should understand that there are some risks involved and this article will discuss the top three risks involved with carpal tunnel surgery.

Risk #1: Nerve Damage

One of the risks involved with carpal tunnel release is the possibility that your never could be nicked, cut, or even completely severed.  When you undergo carpal tunnel surgery the ligament that is covering the carpal tunnel needs to be cut so that the compression on your nerve is released.  This nerve is the median never and it is located directly under the connective tissue and during your surgery it is quite easy to cut this nerve accidentally.  Even the slightest nick to this nerve will cause you a problem.

The other problem with this is that if your surgeon is being too cautious he may not cut the connective tissue enough and this will result in very little relief for your carpal tunnel syndrome which will of course result in a wasted surgical procedure and a second procedure being required in the future.  This is something that you definitely want to avoid.  Surgery not matter how small is traumatic on the body and having to have the same procedure repeated is not something that anyone wants to have to go through.

Risk #2: Damage From Activity

The second risk that you face from carpal tunnel surgery is the fact that you can cause further damage if you increase activity with your hands too soon.  There are reported cases where surgeons have told patients that they can start using their hands straight away after surgery and this has lead to increased pain and a decreased effect in the surgery.  You need to give yourself plenty of time to heal before you start doing anything with your hands.

Risk # 3: Scar Tissue Tightening

When you have carpal tunnel surgery the connective tissue and ligament are cut and the body’s natural response to this is to start creating scar tissue in order to heal the wound.  When scar tissue forms it tightens things up as it binds the skin together.  The risk when it comes to carpal tunnel surgery is that the scar tissue can tighten things up too much removing any benefit that the surgery created.

There are of course more risks associated with carpal tunnel surgery but these are the three most serious and you should always take these into consideration before choosing surgery to cure your carpal tunnel syndrome.  If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome you are advised to consult with your doctor who will advise you on the correct course of treatment and who will also advise on any complications in relation to carpal tunnel surgery.

It’s my opinion that carpal tunnel release and surgery should be chosen as a last resort to getting rid of your carpal tunnel pain.  Here is a great option for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment.


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