Post Carpal Tunnel Surgery Tips

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post-carpal-tunnel-surgery What can you expect post carpal tunnel surgery?  Here are some helpful tips for when you come out of the surgery room.

It’s not uncommon to discover that some sort of bandage and a splint may have been put on over your hand. In more severe cases, a plaster cast may also be used to totally immobilize your wrist and hand for up to two weeks.

You Doctor may advise you to keep your hand elevated in order to reduce inflammation and swelling.  They may recommend that an arm sling be worn to provide extra support and comfort.

It should be obvious that you should avoid bearing weight on your operated hand.

The best post carpal tunnel surgery tips that I can give you is that if you are wearing an arm sling that you remove your arm from the sling every few hours so that you don’t develop any arm or shoulder stiffness.  Be sure to wiggly your fingers every now and then to ensure you have sufficient blood flow.

You are best advised to avoid getting your bandages wet. If you need to bathe, cover the dressing using a plastic bag.

What about the stitches and sutures?  They are usually taken out and removed within a week to ten days post carpal tunnel surgery. In some instances, absorb-able stitches may be used, which eliminates the need to have them removed.

When you return to your Doctor’s office for a check up, he/she will ask you to move your hand and fingers. You can then begin specific carpal tunnel exercises.

To help decrease the red color and appearance of the nasty scar that has been left behind from your surgery, try to massage the scar with cream or oil.

It’s not uncommon for many people post carpal tunnel surgery to return to work within two to eight weeks.  The time frame will depend upon the severity of your condition, the type of surgery that was performed, your progress in rehab and the nature of your work.

If you perform work that involves repetitive motions your recovery may take longer and could last up to ten weeks.

If 10 weeks is too long for you to wait, click on the button below to watch a video where you will learn 8 techniques you can do right now at home to help you recover faster!

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