Natural Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

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When it comes to carpal tunnel pain relief more and more people are considering a more natural approach.  There are a number of different carpal tunnel methods that you can use to relieve your symptoms and this article explains natural methods that you can use at home.

When it comes to natural carpal tunnel pain relief the remedies are designed to help relieve the pain.  Natural remedies include herbs, aromatherapy, and nutritional supplements.  You can use these natural items to help:

  • Relieve or even remove the source of pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce Swelling

There are several different herbs that you can use to relieve pain and reduce the inflammation that is caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.  Some of these herbs include white willow, chamomile, arnica, ginkgo, and chamomile.

Some of the vitamins you can use for carpal tunnel relief include Vitamin B6, bromelain, calcium and magnesium.

To help with the inflammation of carpal tunnel syndrome you can use essential oils.  These essential oils can be used to help relieve pain as well.  Some good essential oils include lavender, eucalyptus, and marjoram.  These oils need to be mixed with carrier oil and then massaged into the hands and arms twice a day for effective carpal tunnel relief.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is very painful and if natural therapies don’t work to relieve the symptoms you may be forced to have carpal tunnel syndrome.  This should only be used as a last resort and natural methods are worth trying.

Other natural methods of carpal tunnel relief can include carpal tunnel exercises which can be performed daily and help to relieve pain.  Hot and cold packs are also an excellent method of relieving pain and wrist braces are another.  Wrist braces help to stop unnecessary movements and are ideal during the day.  You can use them so that you can continue doing your daily chores.

If you play a lot of sports that involve wrist and arm movement it might be a good idea to take things easy for a while and relax.  The rest will help with your carpal tunnel symptoms too.

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects 1 in 10 people who use their hands repetitively and it is something that causes a lot of pain.  Effective carpal tunnel relief will depend on the severity of your symptoms.  Some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include burning, itching, and numbness in the hands and wrist.  People often experience shooting pains in their arms too.  This is all due to compression on the median nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel.  If you are looking for carpal tunnel pain relief you should start a proven treatment program ASAP before it gets worse .

An easy-to-follow, simple, step by step program like Carpal Tunnel Secrets Unleashed will help eliminate your wrist and hand pain so you get back to your everyday activities in the shortest possible time.


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