Hand Tingling Not Always Carpal Tunnel

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hand-tingling-carpal-tunnel I’m willing to bet that if you complained to any of your friends or family that your hand sometimes tingles, they would immediately say “You have carpal tunnel syndrome”.

Well not so fast!

We all suffer from a little hand tingling or numbness from time to time, especially at night.  Sometimes our hands simply fall asleep and don’t receive it’s proper blood supply. The common view among society is that any sort of hand numbness or tingling is a tell tale sign of carpal tunnel.

While this is true, it’s not the only symptom of carpal tunnel. Hand tingling and carpal tunnel numbness can be a sign of something more serious.  Let me explain …

You have many nerves that run throughout your body.  One of the largest nerves is your median nerve.  Your median nerve passes through the carpal tunnel region of your hand and branches out into your hand/fingers.

There is no arguing that if you are involved in activities that require repetitive bending and straightening of your fingers and wrist, then your chances of suffering a carpal tunnel injury go up significantly. Carpal tunnel frequently impacts individuals who spend upwards of 8 hours a day using a computer, as this requires constant bending of your wrist and fingers.

The median nerve is not the only nerve in your hand.  Another is called the ulnar nerve. Your ulnar nerve winds it’s way behind your elbow near what many refer to as your “funny bone”.

If you frequently lean on your elbow, which can sometimes cause a condition known as “students elbow”, you pinch your ulnar nerve which can cause hand numbness and tingling in your small finger.

Another nerve that plays a role in your hand tingling and numbness is the radial nerve.  Radial nerve impingements and problems can cause you to experience numbness in the back of the web area between your thumb and index finger.

So what other problems or conditions could you be suffering from if your hand tingling is not carpal tunnel syndrome?

If your entire hand tingles or is numb, then you most likely have some sort of restriction or imbalance between your shoulder and neck.  But if you find that both of your hands suffer from tingles and numbness then you should be checked by your Doctor for diabetes.

More serious injuries to your spine can also cause hand tingling and numbness since the nerves that supply the arms and hands originate in your spine. Although the majority of spine injuries usually describe pain that often shoots down their arm and is rarely constant.

Another reason for your hand discomfort could be caused by neck compression.  Individuals prone to herniated discs or arthritis sometimes suffer from neck compression.  If you’ve recently been in a car accident where you were struck from behind or “rear-ended”, then you could be suffering from nerve compression or whiplash.  If you play or particpate in high impact / contact sports such as hockey or football, then your hand tingling could be a result of neck compression.

If carpal tunnel has been ruled out, you may want to investigate these other conditions as the source of your hand numbness and tingling.  Health conditions or diseases such as shingles, herpes, an underactive thyroid, higher or lower levels of calcium, potassium or sodium in your body can all contribute to and cause tingling in your hands.

So when someone is quick to say that you have carpal tunnel because you complain of numbness or tingling in your hands, you’ll be able to fire back with this new found knowledge!

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