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carpal tunnel treatmentWhen it comes to treating carpal tunnel syndrome, there are as many opinions on what works as there are websites devoted to the subject.

One thing is for certain, individuals who suffer from carpal tunnel pain simply want relief and will go to almost any lengths to find a permanent carpal tunnel treatment solution.

So why is it so difficult to treat?  Why do so many people go on suffering unnecessarily when really all it takes are 8 simple steps that they you can do from the comfort of your own home, to end your wrist and hand pain once and for all?

Let’s look at possible scenarios that occur when a person suspects that they may have a carpal tunnel injury or their wrist and hand pain starts to interfere with their daily life.

Many people will first visit their family doctor.  Once your carpal tunnel symptoms are revealed by you, to your doctor, 90% of them will ONLY examine the first few inches of your wrist.  This is a critical mistake!  Simply because the majority of carpal tunnel injuries do not occur in the carpal tunnel region.

While it’s true that carpal tunnel is caused by performing repetitive tasks that involve excessive wrist extension or flexion, the injury itself can be caused by muscle spasms that occur away from the carpal tunnel itself, further up your arm and even into your neck!

Secondly, you may seek out treatment in the form of a wrist splint or brace.  This is simply only a band-aid solution that does absolutely nothing to treat your carpal tunnel injury.  Your wrist and hand may “feel” better or “more” supported because of the brace or splint but as for actually promoting healing, it’s a waste of time and money!

As with any type of muscle, tendon or ligament injury, the worst thing you can do is decrease the blood flow to the injured tissues or restrict normal range of motion movements.  They need blood in order to repair properly and require normal range of motion activities so your “muscle memory” is not altered in any way.

Treatment for carpal tunnel does not have to be expensive or complicated.  It’s important to first recognize that you have carpal tunnel and then take the necessary, proactive steps to treat it.

One of the biggest mistakes that many carpal tunnel sufferers make is waiting too long to seek treatment.  The problem with this “wait-and-see” approach is that with all repetitive strain injuries, the long you wait to seek out help, the worse your condition can get.  This means that you’re only prolonging your recovery time and possibly making your injury so bad that you have to resort to carpal tunnel surgery.

What many sufferers of carpal tunnel don’t realize or are not aware of is that you can actually treat your carpal tunnel without even leaving the comfort of your own home in just 8 simple, easy-to-follow steps.  All without the requirement or need for medical gadgets or exercise equipment!

Simply click on the Learn More button below to watch a short video that reveals these 8, easy, at home treatment steps!

carpal tunnel treatment


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