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carpal tunnel quick reliefFor carpal tunnel sufferers, the pain can get so bad that your hand and fingers get frozen in a “claw like” state where straightening your fingers is almost impossible.  Even gripping a glass to get a simple drink can be ever so challenging and painful.

If this sounds like your condition right now, here is a simple carpal tunnel quick relief trick that can help open up your fingers, increase flexibility and decrease wrist and hand pain fast!

The process here is to use both hot and cold water to encourage and improve circulation throughout your fingers, hand and wrist. It’s no surprise, improving circulation helps to aid and promote the healing process and eliminate any periodic carpal tunnel numbness. This type of therapy may also be effective in decreasing and minimizing muscle knots in the your thumb, as a result an improvement in the overall function and release of pain in the carpal tunnel region.

You will find that you are able to decrease pain symptoms and get quick relief from carpal tunnel using hydrotherapy instead of the old school icing technique. Many carpal tunnel sufferers respond better to hydrotherapy than just icing alone.

To effectively implement cold and hot water hydrotherapy, immerse your affected hand, up past your wrist, first in hot water for one minute then immediately switch to cold water. Repeat this process for 3 passes but remember to finish off with cold water immersion to help control any possible swelling and inflammation in your wrist or hand.

The great thing about this technique is that you can practice it pretty much anytime, any place.  You have access to hot and cold water not only at home but in the work place or even if you are travelling, on the road at your hotel.

But please remember that this is ONLY a quick relief technique and is by no means a permanent solution to your carpal tunnel injury.

The best way to treat and cure carpal tunnel is to implement a proven, step-by-step program that addresses the root cause of your injury and provides a blueprint formula for recovery and healing.  And you only have to look no further than your living room to recover quickly from this injury.

No doctors, no physiotherapy, no pain medications, no medical gadgets and no special exercise equipment required!

To get started with this permanent carpal tunnel relief, simply click on the Lean More button below, where a short video will show the simple steps that you can implement right now to cure and treat carpal tunnel from the comfort of your own home!

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