Carpal Tunnel Numbness

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carpal tunnel numbness Carpal tunnel affects millions of people every year.  As with all repetitive strain injuries, they can be quite challenging to overcome, especially if you can’t avoid the repetitive actions that caused your injury in the first place.

One common symptom is carpal tunnel numbness.  More specifically numbness in the hand and/or fingers.  What many carpal tunnel sufferers don’t realize is that muscle spasms are responsible for the majority of numbness symptoms.  Muscle spasms are mainly caused when a nerve gets pinched or squeezed.

The nerve that gets “pinched” or “impeded”, runs from your neck down to your fingers, and as a result of this pinching you feel tingling and numbness in your hand.

In order to get the blood flowing back into your hand, you simply shake your hand in a downward motion and the numbness dissipates and normal circulation returns to your hand.

There are many regions in which the median nerve can get pinched resulting in hand and finger numbness.  First, one of the nine tendons in your wrist could pinch your median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel region.  Any sort of repetitive wrist actions such as typing on a computer, playing musical instruments, knitting or playing sports can cause carpal tunnel and stress in this region.

The next area to identify the source of your numbness could be in your scalene muscles which are located near your neck.  When your scalene muscles experience a spasm, they put pressure directly onto the brachial plexus, which is a group of nerve fibers that make up and become the median nerve, as well as the ulnar and radial nerves. The result is numbness in the hand and your first two fingers.

If your bicep muscle goes into spasm, it too can cause pressure on the median nerve which in turn can cause hand numbness.

Last but not least, if your thumb muscle goes into spasm, I’m afraid you’ll experience numbness and/or tingling in your thumb and first 2 fingers.

So now that you know exactly what can cause carpal tunnel numbness, what’s the next step?

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carpal tunnel numbness


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