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carpal tunnel home treatment As we hear nothing but bad news about the economy and job numbers, many individuals are unable to seek professional medical treatment for all kinds of illness and injury, especially if you don’t have medical insurance.

As a result, many are turning to home treatment solutions to common injuries.  Carpal tunnel is one of those injuries that people are looking to find a solution for from the comfort of their home.  So does such a remedy exist?

There is one specific technique that you can implement fast for carpal tunnel home treatment pain relief.  And the best part is that it works 100% of the time and doesn’t cost a dime!

This specific home solution for treating carpal tunnel does not involve the use of carpal tunnel wrist splints!  The technique is sometimes referred to as contrast baths.

The use of contrast baths has been proven to reduce inflammation and swelling that often can occur when you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.  All that is required on your end is 2 bowls that come up past your wrist or 2 sinks that are relatively close together.

Fill one of the bowls with hot water.  I bet you are wondering how hot is hot.  The water should be hot enough to produce steam.  Fill the other bowl or sink with cold water.  Also you will need to add ice to the water to make it freezing cold!  Add a block of ice or couple of trays of ice cubes from your freezer.

You should also have a clock or timer nearby so you can keep track of time required for each easy treatment step at home.

Now this is where you have to pay close attention or this home treatment for carpal tunnel will not work.

First, immerse your affected hand/wrist into the hot water bowl or sink for approximately 4 minutes.  Ensure that the water comes up just past your wrist. Start the timer!

After the 4 minutes, immediately switch to the cold water bowl or sink and immerse your wrist but for only 1 minute.

Then after 1 minute has elapsed,  switch back to the hot water for 4 minutes then back to the cold water for 1 minute. Perform this carpal tunnel home treatment technique twice but make sure you always end with four minutes in the hot water.

A couple of reminders and things to think about.  You must ensure that the water is really cold.  This may require you to keep adding ice to your cold water as you’re immersing in the hot water for 4 minutes.

Also, the cold water may sting when you immerse for the first time.  Don’t worry this is normal and will not cause any tissue damage or make your carpal tunnel condition worse.

The reason that you may experience a stinging effect is due to the fact that contrast baths are meant to force the blood vessels in the hand and wrist to dilate, and as a result you experience a rapid decrease in inflammation.   For may carpal tunnel sufferers, you will feel almost no pain once you’ve completed this simple, yet powerful carpal tunnel home treatment solution.

If you are looking for a quick and cheap pain relief remedy for carpal tunnel, contrast baths are the way to go.  But they will not completely cure your carpal tunnel for good.  The best way to treat carpal tunnel is by performing actions, movements and exercise that help strengthen and build back up your degenerated wrist tendons and flexors.

The amount of money that you spend on trying to cure your carpal tunnel does not positively translate into a faster recovery.  You don’t need to fork over hundreds of dollars on treatment to recover…in fact

You can cure your carpal tunnel fast using simple techniques that doesn’t require any medical gadgets or exercise equipment.  A video on the next page, click the Learn More button, will show you just how easy it is to treat and recover from carpal tunnel at home!

carpal tunnel home treatment


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