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carpal tunnel home remediesIf you are anything like me, you hate popping pills to “mask” any type of pain or injury.  After all you are merely treating the symptoms and not the actual cause.  This applies in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and how to recover from it.

Once you have confirmation that you have carpal tunnel, there are simple at home treatment options you can implement right away instead of popping pills, purchasing expensive medical gadgets or wasting money on endless visits to Doctor’s or Physical Therapy offices.

The easiest and simplest form of carpal tunnel home remedies involves you performing some very basic exercise techniques every other day.

You should know that carpal tunnel exercises are vitally important in not only the recovery from CTS but they are extremely effective in preventing it as well.

Before we get started with the Top 3 exercises and remedies for carpal tunnel, you should know that these exercises are not intended to be used as a substitute for a professional diagnosis by a Doctor who, if a specialist, can answer most of your carpal tunnel questions and concerns.

Many carpal tunnel sufferers find that that applying ice to their wrist before getting started with the exercises helps accelerate their recovery time and decrease their pain and discomfort.

You can find many home remedies for carpal tunnel but here are my top 3 to prevent and treat it.

Carpal Tunnel Home Remedy #1 - Wrist Range of Motion 1

All you need for this techniques is a table. Simply place your affected forearm and your entire hand on a table with your palm flat on the table.  Now slowly turn and twist your wrist so that the back of your hand is flat against the tabletop. Repeat this movement 10 times.

Carpal Tunnel Home Remedy #2 – Wrist Range of Motion 2

Again, like the previous technique, all you need is a table.  Place your forearm on the table in a position whereby your wrist is off the edge of the table and your palm is facing downward. Now bend your hand at the wrist downwards towards the floor as far as possible and then bend it back upwards. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Carpal Tunnel Home Remedy #3 - Flexed Forearm Stretch

No table required for this movement.  Go ahead and extend your affected arm straight out in front of you. Then slowly and ever so gently bend your wrist down towards the floor with the assistance of your free hand. It’s important that you ensure that your fingers are kept over the knuckles of the hand that is being bent instead of over the fingers. You want to feel the muscles in your forearm stretch and become tight. Now hold this position for ten seconds. Repeat 10 times.

So there you have my Top 3 carpal tunnel home remedy techniques.  But before you get started with them, did you know that there is a complete and proven system dedicated to treating, curing and recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome without having to leave the comfort of your own living room?

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, when you click on the button below a short video will explain all the details you need to know!

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