Carpal Tunnel Decompression Exercises

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carpal-tunnel-decompression-exercises When you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, the cramping and pain is sometimes enough to bring tears to your eyes.  There are no lengths that you won’t go or try to get relief.

There are specific movements and exercises that you can do each day that can provide temporary hand and wrist pain relief.  They are referred to as carpal tunnel decompression exercises and movements.

The reason why they are called decompression exercises is because they are meant to stretch the carpal tunnel so that the nerves(the main one being your median nerve) will have plenty of room to glide and function normally which relieves the pinching, compressing feeling you experience in your wrist.

In order to get any sort of relief from your carpal tunnel symptoms, you should implement these movements 3 times a day.  They are simple enough that you can do them at home or in your workplace.

Here’s how to perform Decompression Movements to Relieve Carpal Tunnel:

  1. Starting position is with your arms out straight in front of you, wrists straight, palms down.  Slowly squeeze your hands and make a fist.  Continue to make a fist for about 5 seconds.
  2. Next, slowly start to extend and bend your wrists upwards towards the ceiling.  Extend and bend your wrist as far back as you can.  Again hold this position 5 seconds.
  3. After 5 seconds, slowly release your fist and drop/flex your wrists so that they straighten out.  Again wait in this position for 5 seconds.
  4. Bring both arms down to your side and shake your hands out.
  5. You should perform 3 sets of 10 -12 repetitions throughout the day.

It’s important for those seeking a full recovery to learn the specific carpal tunnel causes or you’ll always be held captive to this injury forever.

Incorporating and performing decompression exercises and movements will undoubtedly feel strange at first but give it some time to work and you will get find that your carpal tunnel pain will gradually decrease over time.

For carpal tunnel sufferers who have had enough of their pain and suffering, there are 8 other simple techniques and exercises just like the decompression exercise, that you can do at home to cure your carpal tunnel for good!

There is no need for expensive and costly trips to the Doctors’ or Physical Therapist’s office.  You can get started with these 8 steps right now and recover from carpal tunnel without having to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Go ahead and click on the Learn More button below where a video tutorial will explain just how easy it is to get started!

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