Carpal Tunnel Causes

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carpal tunnel causes Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very painful condition that affects quite a lot of people.  Your hands start to become weak and you may find that you can no longer enjoy certain activities.  You may start to lose your grip easily and drop things.  Other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include burning, itching, and numbness in the palms of your hands and fingers.  The fingers can often become stiff.

Carpal tunnel causes include bad posture and compression of the median nerve.  In the early stages of carpal tunnel many people assume that their symptoms are related to poor circulation and one of the most common symptoms is the inability to distinguish between hot and cold things through touch.

It is a known fact that women are three times more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome than men and it is usually the dominant hand that is affected first.  This is the hand that also produces the most pain.

Carpal tunnel causes are linked to repetitive hand motion and this can affect people who write, type, or carry out repetitive hands motions for large periods of time each day.  To help prevent carpal tunnel symptoms you can strengthen the muscles and tendons in your arms and hands.  This can be done by shaking out your wrists for about 10 seconds, rotating your wrists gently clockwise and anticlockwise for a number of times.  You can also hold your arms out straight in front of you with your palms facing outwards.  Then pull your fingertips back and hold for a few seconds.  These exercises can help to prevent carpal tunnel causes and you should do them on a daily basis.

Prevention is always better than the cure and if you can stop the causes then you should,  especially if you do a lot of repetitive movements.  The first preventative carpal tunnel therapy method is to strengthen and exercise your wrists.  You should also take regular breaks so that your hands and wrists get a rest.  If you use equipment that vibrates or requires that you use force then taking a break is extremely important especially if you want to prevent carpal tunnel causes.

If you daily chores involve a lot of computer use then investing in a wrist rest is a great idea.  One of the most common carpal tunnel causes is bad posture and by ensure that your wrist posture is correct when using a computer you will be able to prevent any symptoms for occurring.

Another preventative method is to keep your working area dry and warm.  Another of the carpal tunnel causes is cool and humid environments as these can cause hand pain and encourage stiffness to develop.

Now that you know the carpal tunnel causes and how to prevent carpal tunnel you should be able to put these methods into practice and ensure that you don’t become affect by the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

carpal tunnel causes


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