Alternative Therapies for Carpal Tunnel

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alternative therapies carpal tunnel It is common knowledge that popping medication to treat anytime of injury can be harmful to your health over an extended period of time.  As your body adjusts to medication, it needs more and more to feel the same effect and this can have catastrophic effects on your internal organs.

As a result, many individuals are not searching for alternative, more homeopathic types of treatment options for common injuries.  And yes there are alternative therapies for carpal tunnel that you can try.

You should know that in order to get the best results from alternative treatments and methods is to use them in conjunction with a proven carpal tunnel treatment program.

One of the first alternative therapies you can try is Vitamin B6.  The fancier name for vitamin B6 is pyridoxine.  Recent medical research has indicated that B6 is successful in decreasing carpal tunnel symptoms.

The normal recommended dosage for Vitamin B6 is not to exceed 200 milligrams per day but as with any type of medication or vitamin, consult your Doctor first and make sure you have a proper carpal tunnel diagnosis to rule out other more serious conditions.

The second alternative therapy methods you can try is called cold laser therapy.  This non-invasive treatment method involves the use of a low energy or some people call it a “cold laser light”  which passes through your skin into your damaged tissues.  What cold laser therapy achieves is that it helps simulate the nerves in your wrist and increase the blood flow to your hand and wrist.

Magnetic Therapy is another alternative treatment method for carpal tunnel that you can check out.  Although not a new option, it has become more widely known and used by many people worldwide to treat carpal tunnel.

This magnetic therapy technique involves using magnets that have between a 550 and 850 gauss to stimulate the flow of blood into the carpal tunnel region which helps provide pain relief.  Gauss is a unit of measurement for the strength of a magnet. The side of the magnet possesses a negative polarity that is used to fasten it against the skin using tape or with a wrap or splint.

Another alternative therapy for carpal tunnel that you should explore is the ancient Chinese treatment methodology called Acupuncture.  Acupuncture has been used for hundreds of years by this Asian culture as an effective treatment means for just about all injures and ailments.

This procedure involves a certified professional acupuncturist inserting extremely fine needles into various points of the body.  An acupuncturist believes that energy flows throughout your body along designated pathways known as meridians.

It is believed that when the flow of energy along these meridians is obstructed or interrupted in any way, this is when pain and discomfort occurs. When the acupuncture needles are inserted, it restores the natural flow along these meridian pathways and your pain goes away.

Does acupuncture hurt?  The first time you have it done, you may feel a little prick or sting but for the most part is not intrusive.  Many people swear by acupuncture for the relief of their injuries and sickness.

As for the best alternative therapy for carpal tunnel…nothing beats treating an injury such as carpal tunnel from the comfort and convenience of your own home!  And the best part is that there is no special medical or exercise equipment requirement required.

Click on the button below where a short video will reveal these easy at home carpal tunnel treatment steps to you so you can start eliminating your hand and wrist pain right now!

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