9 Activities That Can Result in Carpal Tunnel

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activities cause carpal tunnelMany people who suffer with Carpal tunnel syndrome are not even aware that their job, hobby, sport or activity is to blame for their hand and wrist pain.

Before we jump into the top 9 activities that can result in carpal tunnel syndrome, here is a little refresher on what exactly carpal tunnel is and what structures and tissues are affected.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that directly impacts the major nerves of the hand and fingers. These nerves are responsible for the movement of your fingers and hands.  As a group, this group of nerves is commonly referred to as the median nerve.

When your median nerve becomes pinched or obstructed inside the tunnel of your wrist, you start to experience the painful carpal tunnel symptoms.

There are specific activities that can trigger and cause carpal tunnel. This includes poor posture, such as slouching and working in a position that causes the wrists to bend upward, outward or inward.  But did you know that you can decrease your hand/wrist pain by following simple carpal tunnel home remedies that have been proven to provide fast relief?

Below are 9 activities that causes carpal tunnel syndrome:

1) Cutting – more common with Chefs/Cooks but also found in carpenters, carpet layers, factory workers, meat packers

2) Using vibrating tools – working with any kind of power tools, drills, saws, sanders, chain saws, etc

3) Knitting, sewing or crocheting – no explanation required here.  Yes even hobbyists suffer from carpal tunnel

4) Using hand tools for twisting or turning (wrenches, screwdrivers)

5) House cleaning – more common in people who have house cleaning services or if you are a maid/nanny

6) Bicycling – due to the tight grip required on the handlebars and vibration sent from the ground, through the tires, up the forks into the handlebars

7) Playing a stringed instrument – you don’t have to play professionally but carpal tunnel is quite common with musicians

8) Typing – computer programmers are considered high risk of getting carpal tunnel

9) Pointing and clicking using a computer mouse – again no explanation required

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are specific groups of individuals who are at a higher risk of developing carpal tunnel.  If you work the industries below, you can expect a bout of carpal tunnel real soon!

Industries such as:
• Knit underwear mills
• Meat packing plants
• Automotive
• Poultry slaughtering and processing
• Household laundry equipment manufacturing

Strangely enough, people who work in these industries are less likely to visit their Doctor or hospitals in search for carpal tunnel treatment.  Homemakers are actually more commonly treated for carpal tunnel than individuals in any of the high risk industries.

So what should you do if you suffer from carpal tunnel?  Is there a home remedy?

Of course there is!  In fact, a short video on the following page will show you simple steps you can do right now to eliminate your carpal tunnel pain at home.  Click on the Learn More button now!

activities cause carpal tunnel


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