Carpal Tunnel Symptoms – 6 Most Common

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carpal tunnel symptomsCarpal tunnel affects everyone differently and the purpose of this article is to list the 6 most common carpal tunnel symptoms.  The carpal tunnel that we are referring to is a small passageway that runs from the arm to the bottom of the wrist.  It is the nerves and the tendons inside this passage that cause the hand to bend.  Carpal tunnel occurs when the nerves and tendons in this passageway become compressed.

The 6 most common carpal tunnel symptoms include:

  • Numbness in the fingers and hand of the affected arm.  This can be in one arm or both and can be extremely frustrating.
  • Cramping along the affected arm – both arms can be affected but it is normally the more dominant arm that carpal tunnel affects as this is the arm that will be used more frequently.  If you are a typist though you will likely find that both arms are affected.
  • Pain in the fingers and arm on the affected side of the body.
  • Feelings of swelling in the fingers or hand of the arm that is affected by carpal tunnel.  You hand or fingers won’t appear to be swollen they will just have the sensation of being swollen.
  • Weakened grip.  This can have disastrous effects and many suffers find it difficult to hold things like a cup or pen.
  • Decreased sensations to hot and cold.  This is another carpal tunnel symptom than can be quite dangerous especially if you are handling hot objects.  You can easily burn your hands without realizing it.

A lot of people describe carpal tunnel symptoms as a shooting pain up their arm that is accompanied with a cramping sensation.  Others complain of numbing of their fingers and hands.  The symptoms appear differently in every person and whilst some might experience pain during the night, other experience extreme pain throughout the day.

The majority of carpal tunnel causes are with individuals who work with repetitive hand motion jobs such as typing, carpentry, etc can develop this condition and it is also something the is commonly found in pregnant women.  Carpal tunnel can also be hereditary.

If you are suffering from any of the 6 common carpal tunnel symptoms listed above there is a good chance that you may have carpal tunnel and it is wise to have it checked out.  Carpal tunnel can be extremely painful and if should be diagnosed by your doctor before you try any carpal tunnel treatments.

Whilst carpal tunnel symptoms can be extremely pain they are not life threatening and you can continue working with the condition.  A wrist splint is very useful and this can help with the condition and allow you to continue using your arm and hands whilst supporting them to help prevent pain.

Carpal tunnel symptoms can occur at anytime during the day and night and if you are suffering from a lot of pain it is advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible or it could get worse.

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carpal tunnel symptoms


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