5 Ways to Modify Your Work Habits to Help Your Carpal Tunnel

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modify-work-habits Let’s face it, times are tough.  The economy is in free fall and the last thing you want to do is quit your job because of an injury such as carpal tunnel.

So what can you do so you still stay on the job and still perform your duties and tasks without nagging hand and wrist pain?

The solution could be as simple as modifying your work habits.

The only downside to modifying your work habits is that it can affect your productivity.  But at the same time you will give your hands and wrists a break so your pain will be less.

If you’ve already tried implementing more frequent breaks but without any pain relief, re-evaluate your intervals and length of time.  It’s imperative that you take a break every thirty minutes.  If that is just not possible, be sure to take a break every hour and a half.

Here are 5 ways you can modify your work habits to help get carpal tunnel help and relief from your stubborn carpal tunnel pain:

  1. When possible, try to rotate tasks so that you are not continually performing the same tasks over and over.
  2. Make sure that you maintain the proper posture. Ergonomics can assist you with this.
  3. When you hold an object, be sure that you utilize your entire hand and not just the thumb or fingers.
  4. Select tools that are well-balanced and are easy to hold. Along the same lines, make sure that any cutting instruments, such as scissors and knives, are sharp.
  5. If you use compressed air tools, be sure to check them from time to time. Too much pressure can cause injury to the wrists and hands.

Give these modification tricks a try to see if you hands/wrists pain less throughout your workday.

When you’re ready to make a full commitment to riding yourself of carpal tunnel altogether, check out the video on the next page that teaches you simple steps to cure carpal tunnel without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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